Prescription Information

Our Office is available to authorize prescription refills for our patients when appropriate. We ask that your lab work is current prior to requesting a refill.


Medication refills will be issued only during office hours, except in an emergency, so that we may review the patient’s medical record. After hours refills will be handled on an emergency case by case basis only. Refills will be provided for those conditions requiring you to take medication for an extended period of time. Medications that require triplicate prescriptions are not filled after hours and on weekends, and must be picked up in person. Our office may request a checkup to evaluate your progress before refilling the prescription. Please contact your pharmacy several days before your prescription runs out so that your refill can be processed in time. Please allow ample time for our staff to review your charts.

Click Here to to download a Medicine List to help keep track of your medicines.

How to request a prescription refill:

  1. Call your pharmacy 3-5 days before you run out.  If you use a mail order service (Express-Scripts, RX Solutions), contact them at least 1-2 weeks prior.
  2. Ask your pharmacist to fax us a prescription refill request. Once received, our office may authorize a refill if appropriate.
  3. If you have not been in our office recently, refills may be denied. Especially if you have specific metabolic conditions.

If you have requested a refill from the Pharmacist and have not had any response, please fill out the form below and we will look into the issue and contact you if necessary.

Prescription Inquiry

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Dr. Sylvia A. Gisi

Dr. Sylvia A. Gisi M.D. is very dedicated to her patients and looks forward to seeing them through their medical challenges. Dr. Gisi believes in utilizing nutritional supplements as a first line therapy, while realizing certain medications can also be used effectively to treat many diseases.

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