Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain represents a substantial public health issue with tremendous economic, social, and medical costs. As the percentage of the U.S. population utilizing opioid analgesics for pain control grows, so does the rate of abuse, misuse and overdose of these drugs.

We also recognize the seriousness of the prescription drug abuse problem in the United States. At the same time, we must address the ongoing public health requirement to provide adequate pain management.

There are also many non-medical pain control methods we may recommend you try, like: massage, heat and cold packs, relaxation, listening to music, watching television, reading, prayer and positive thinking. Many times a combination of non-drug and drug therapy works best to decrease pain.

We will take the time to provide the best pain management program to fit your needs. We know that pain tends to be easier to treat if we address it earlier on. The sooner we get at it, the more likely we are to be successful at managing it.

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Dr. Sylvia A. Gisi

Dr. Sylvia A. Gisi M.D. is very dedicated to her patients and looks forward to seeing them through their medical challenges. Dr. Gisi believes in utilizing nutritional supplements as a first line therapy, while realizing certain medications can also be used effectively to treat many diseases.

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